Thursday, June 7, 2012


-From May 6th to May 10th, 2012-

I call it the “Life saver”.
In fact, in the beginning Singapore was not in the plan at all. Having been there twice, I had no intention to visit Singapore once more in this trip. But thanks to the Vietnam consulate who refused to extend my already existing visa, I had a couple of days free to do something different. I decided to visit Singapore to see my dearest friends, Toni, Jenny and Yigit as I found a quite good deal with Jetstar airways.

 First evening in Singapore - wish well & having fish & chips after a very long time :-)

Even if I went there for only 4 days, it was totally worth it as I realized how much I really needed it. Apart from the comfortable house of Perasa in Bangkok, I was sleeping in a different bed almost every night and running from one place to another during the days, so I felt like really needed to be on my own and have a break from this break :)

Amazing Singapore by night 

Singapore was the perfect place for that. Toni, my Bulgarian friend who is about to leave back for Europe, was having her last days in Singapore and she had a separate room and a bathroom for me in her soon to be abandoned flat.

Singapore by day

I always liked Singapore, a bit too Westernized, but a definitely an easygoing place to live for a non Asian and in my third time, I felt the same again.

The only bad experience I can recall was the flight to Singapore. Obviously it is normal for Singaporeans due to the weather conditions but we had a very shaky and bumpy trip, especially the landing part. That was one of the moments that I felt closest to death again, at these times I just think about the people I love and what I need to value in my life. A couple of emails were sent to some people as a result of this reflection moment. :)

Girls night by tapas and drinks on a rooftop bar

In this 4 compact but relaxing days, I had the chance to meet up with Jenny, Ravi and Yigit as well. I knew Jenny (Swedish) and Ravi (Indian) from Brussels when they were both interns (and later) and I knew Yigit from AIESEC Turkey since 2000.. 

Finally with Yigit

After spending a couple of months in Australia in 2005, I saw him again in Singapore in 2007 and there I was again visiting him for the second time.
Raki Night and meeting up with Oscar

This short trip was good to spend time at home, catch up with emails, planning the rest of my trip and meeting up with my friends over a shisha, raki & kebaps or tapas. I had to keep it short though as Bahar, my school friend, living in Hong Kong, was going to visit me on May 11th, right after her birthday. 

Nargile night with Yigit, Toni, Ravi and Levent 

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