Friday, June 8, 2012

Bangkok - Phuket - Phi Phi Triangle

-From May 21st to May 30th, 2012- 

Due to the expensive accommodation in Hong Kong, we shortened that part of the trip and decided to stay in Thailand longer. 
Hey Bangkoook, Nice to see you again! 

So on May 21st, one day before my holiday we flew to Bangkok and stayed again in the centre, “the backpackers area” Khao San Road. The night before my birthday, we were wasted in the Khao San street concluding our day at Burger King and foot massage afterwards.
Dinner at my usual place : Villa Cha Cha & Concluding the night with foot massage! 
30th Birthday Celebration on the Roof of Bangkok : Sky Bar, Sirocco!

Hello 30! ;) 

Those who watched Hangover 2, can remember this place :

That is where I celebrated my Birthday thanks to Onur and Hendrik.  I wasn’t expecting any kind of celebration or ceremony but I received a small cake with my name on it with people singing Happy Birthday along. I was kind of shy but I was really happy to be on top of Bangkok on my special day.

Perasa, my Thai friend, also visited us on my birthday 

The next day we moved to Phuket but it was a big big disappointment. 
After my birthday, along with the heavy rain we got on the way to Phuket by bus. The 12 hour road trip was tiring mainly for the guys and we reached Phuket very early in the morning greeted by rain. Not sure where we would be going, I heard positive things about Kata beach so we stayed there in the first night.  The sea was crazy with huge waves, we could only swim for ½ hour and it started raining again.

The best part of Phuket was the food and the drinks by street Auto Bars 

The second day we wanted to move to a more lively area the famous Patong beach, it was even a bigger disappointment for me at least. I assume the guys could enjoy a bit as they went out at night, however I was too tired and I didn’t feel like going out at all. So I can only describe Phuket as a big disappointment.

Finally in good old Phi Phi but the guys didn't have much to do but sleep as it was raining constantly 

I was happy to bring the guys to my favorite island, Phi Phi again. This would be my third time but I didn’t hesitate even a bit because I only had good time in this island. The guys agreed with me also, first day we could enjoy the beach and the large waves again in the Long Beach. I wanted to take them to the Sunset viewpoint or to the Snorkelling tour but the weather was not on our side. Right before both activities, it started raining like hell. We had nothing to do but to drink Singhas and eat spring rolls in these times.

Paddy's Resto & Drinks before Slinky

With these 2 guys, I could actually discover the “Nightlife” of Phi Phi. For the first, we walked to the other coast of the island, which was only 10 mins away from the main coast and there we found ourselves in the most lively beach nightclub you could ever imagine.
Slinky, full of young backpackers, was one of the most crowded places I had seen on that island. In fact I was wondering where these guys were staying during the day. With the nice beaches, small town centre and the night life, Phi Phi experience was again very good however it would be much much better if my 2 guys could enjoy it more without the rain.
Bye Bye Phi Phi, i will certainly miss you!! 

Our last one day in Thailand was in Bangkok as usual full of shopping and bargaining in Khao San Road. I bought so much stuff –mainly for myself- that I had to buy another luggage and asked Hendrik to bring it back to Belgium. With the tshirts, the shawls and other small gifts that we bought, we were ready to say bye to Thailand and head to Kathmandu..
Farewell Dinner & Drinks to Bangkok in Sukhumvit

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