Thursday, June 7, 2012

Exploring Phi Phi once again with Bahariko

-from May 11th to May 16th, 2012- 

Bahar is my high school friend. We occasionally meet here and there, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague and as she is now living in Hong Kong, we wanted to make a reunion also in Asia.

In the beginning we planned to visit Vietnam together however we had to change the timing as I had other friends visiting and she had a busy schedule at work. And as the Vietnam Consulate didn’t extend my visa, we had to give up on our Vietnam plan eventually so she decided to  join me for a relaxing holiday in the islands of Thailand.
Koh Phi Phi - stunning as usual ! 

Right after she arrived to Bangkok, we took the plane to Phuket. Luckily enough, I met with the second Turkish of this trip. (First one was at the Thailand – Cambodia border with Pinar). Cagri, working in a tourism agency in Phuket, gave his card and told us that he could help us with anything we could potentially need.
Bahariko with the longtail boats & exploring Phi Phi waters 

After one night stopover in Phuket, we immediately decided to go to Phi Phi as I had a really good experience there before. We both loved Phi Phi again. It was her first time, we stayed in Long Beach, despite the miserable nights with cockroaches in the very same hotel we loved it every bit. I did the snorkeling tour once more with her, this time a different route but it was as amazing as the first one. The colour of the sea, the long tail boats around us, the various types of fish, I hardly imagine that I could see such scenes again in my life.
Me taking control over our funniest captain & Around Koh Phi Phi Ley

One unforgettable moment was watching the sunset at the viewpoint of Phi Phi Hills. Our first intention was to do the 45 mins walk to reach the top, however after walking for 10 mins, we saw a taxi car and chose the easy way to hop on one for 250 baht (6 euros) return trip. It was totally worth it and it was good that we took the taxi rather than the walk, otherwise we could have been quite late for the sunset “show”. Along with out Singha’s, it was the best the sunset I had ever seen in my life.

Sunset at Phi Phi

We had our last 2 days in Bangkok, first night Bahar alone with her hubby, Nicolas celebrating their engagement anniversary, second night 3 of us with Perasa having dinner at a tapas place. On May 17th, I was excited to go to Hong Kong to see my dearest Hendrikcim and Onurcan.
Us enjoying our last Singha's in Phi Phi 

Yuppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ;-)))))

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