Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Prep Stories vol.1 : Flying Kick of a small cute Asian consulate guy

Not surprising at all; i was quite lazy to start this blog so i decided to write a bit of preparation stories later which is only now.

As i mentioned before, it was early January when i decided to make the trip and since then i've been to many, many consulates, done a lot of shopping, been injected a rich selection of vaccinations and spent a lot of money, A LOT! There were some stories worthwhile to tell but surely an unforgettable one was with a consulate. I guess it is better not to mention the name here as the guys who helped me can get into trouble, you never know..

OK so here it goes like this..
One of the countries on my route, let's say country "Zabazingo" require visa for Turks. In the beginning it was a bit complicated as i got different info from different sources - super different! At the end, i understood that - YES indeed i had to get the visa, not even on the border but from a consulate in advance like the usual treatment for us, Turkish citizens.

Symbol of Zabazingo

So i went to the Zabazingo consulate in Brussels on a Monday, a couple of weeks before my trip. The guy there told me that my visa would be ready in 2 days which was then the Wednesday morning. It was good enough and the very same day, on that Wednesday i was supposed to leave for Turkey, sooo i would need to have my passport better with my Zabazingo visa on it by Wednesday morning - LATEST! Because i had 4 more consulates to visit to apply for visas.

Then the Wednesday morning came. Of course, given my luck, the visa was not ready and the consulate guy (not the consulate himself) was completely confused with the days, he thought there were still 2 days to Wednesday with his clueless English. And of course I had to cry and had to show how "sorry" and "devastated" i was, then the poor guy (at that time he seemed like an angel sent from heaven to me) was so ashamed and even if the consulate was not in the office that day, he promised that he would get the visa.

He promised and i could see in his eyes he was very serious and he could/would do anything to keep his precious promise. After 2 hours and a lot of noise, i saw this little Asian guy throwing "flying kicks" all around and breaking the door of the consulate.. To get the stamp of the consulate and issue the visa for me. 

Literally this brave guy was kicking the door of the consulate's room like this to get the visa stamp

After a long struggle of 2 hours, he could manage.
That Asian hero managed to give me the visa on the very same day. Because he was so proud and at the same time he was so ashamed for not being able to keep his promise so (he told me later) even if he knew that the consulate himself will get very angry at him he had to do that, he had to break the door to get the f*ing stamp and keep his promise to me.

I went to Turkey on the very same day, and during the 2 wks i was there i knew that i had to do something. I had to pay the good in return. Sooo i gave this hero a bag, a very biiiig bag of Turkish Delight on my way back from Istanbul. I gave him the delight, we shook hands, i gave him a big hug and i felt like i solved all the possible diplomatic problems between these 2 countries. Turkey & Zabazingo :)

Seriously one thing i didn't forget : if the citizens of that country are as nice as the ones in the consulate, i will have such a great time in that country. Seriously. I can't wait to go to Zabazingo!

Hopefully I will tell you how it went in a couple of weeks in that counry. I am pretty sure it will be Legen.. wait for it.. dary :) Hadi bakalim insallah.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today, i was out with 2 friends in an Irish Pub.. and "Far Behind" started to play.. the song who was the inspiration for the name of my blog. "Underneath the Big Wide Sun.." Bunu bir isaret olarak algiladim sanirim.. Hadi hayirlisi..

Monday, February 20, 2012


"The freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up."
Even for 4 months.

Melek Annem

Benim cok sevdigim bir dostum vardir. Cok gormem onu ama uzak dussek de onu cok cok cok severim. En guzeli de onu sevdigimi bildigini bilirim her daim. Fatihimdir o benim.

Bir de onun melek gibi bir annesi vardir; Melek Annesi, Melek Annem.

Ilk tanistigim andan, gozlerime ilk baktigi andan itibaren anlamisimdir benim icin ne kadar ozel bir insan oldugunu onun.. Oyle bir isigi vardir ki, sadece kendi cocuklarina, yakinlarina degil, etrafindaki tum insanlara verir o isigi hic bir karsilik beklemeden.. Onu tanidigim o kisacik zaman zarfinda bile ogrettikleriyle, soyledikleriyle, gosterdikleriyle beni en cok etkileyen insanlardan biri olmustur canim Melek Annem...

Birkac gun once bu dunyadan ayrildi, gitti kendisi. Ama biliyorum ki, ne kadar uzak olsam da hep yanimdaydi o zaten, simdi oldugu gibi. Bu yolculugumda ve hayat yolculugumda her daim yanimda olacagi gibi..

Ben de bu geziyi gecen ay hastanede kendisini ziyaret ettigimde bana bu geziyi yapmami nasihat eden Melek Anneme ithaf ediyorum..

Senin icin Melek Annem.. Nurlar icinde yat..


I gave a decision, almost 6 months ago.

I wasn't entirely happy about my life and instead of bragging about it, i decided to make a change. I decided to take a step back, breathe and do something different at least for some time. It was around May last year i found out that thanks to the Belgian laws, it was my right to take upto one year off from work and i would still get paid a minimum stipend from the government.

With the support of my boyfriend by-then (?) HJ, i decided to go for this opportunity. Even if my initial plan was to travel, in October I was accepted by Katholieke Leuven University for a masters programme. I was quite happy with the studies and since i started school, I focused on language learning, sports, reading, watching movies and learning, learning, learning new things. It was one of the best couple of months of my life, however..

I knew something was missing. This was not how i wanted to live this once in a lifetime opportunity. In January, when i was in Istanbul, i visited a dear person at a hospital, Melek Annem who has been under cancer treatment for a long time..

Her words are still in my mind. Knowing the preciousness of our lives more than anyone else, she, at that time gave me some very valuable advices. Most were about family, love, friends and i vividly remember a specific one. She advised me to travel, to meet with a lot of people and learn from them.. She made me promise her..

It was then when i decided to go away. I wanted to keep my promise. It is how all started...