Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here I am..

Here I am. Back again. Where it all started 110 days ago.
I stayed at Antonio’s place in the last 2 days of trip in Mumbai and I was alone this time. It was the perfect occasion for me to think, reflect, organize my thoughts, organize my pictures, plan my Istanbul days even a bit.

Now looking behind :

110 days, 7 countries, +2500 pictures, countless new friends, old friends, rickshaws, cows, monkeys, rats.. 

I met with many beautiful people who will surely leave a big mark in my life. I met with some jerks too. I had great times that I thought I was dying out of laughter. I had down moments as well. I was super happy mostly but got really sad & sick also. More than anything, I learnt a lot. More than anything else, about me, myself & I.

There is too much to say but way too difficult to explain..

All I know is that it was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am glad I used it. I spent a lot of money but every penny was worth at the end. I want to organize my thoughts a bit better and have a proper conclusion of this trip also of this blog. I have my flight back home in a couple of hours and I have to work on the pictures now..

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