Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brunito in Laos & Phi Phi

-from April 28th to May 3rd, 2012- 

I met Bruno in Calcutta. He wanted to travel in South East Asia during his one year internship in India so invited him to join me in Thailand. After Pinar left, he joined me the next day in Bangkok. With all these friends visiting and more friends to visit later, I was already aware that I had to do some changes in my travel plans. For instance Vietnam was not there in my plan anymore due to the timing and visa issues but I wouldn’t give up on Laos.
 Before going to Laos, McDonald's - First things first! 

So no matter what I decided to go to Laos with him and even for 2 days, we went there. After he arrived on Saturday afternoon, he wanted to have a huge BigMac as he was missing the good old beef in India :). Then we took the luxurious bus ride to Laos and without spending any time in Vientiane, the dull capital of Laos, we immediately got on the first minibus to Vang Vieng. 

Beautiful Vang Vieng Silhouette 

On the minibus we met with 2 young backpackers, Wouter from Holland and Kris from Sweden.. With their advice also, we arranged our hotel and was planning to go to famous tubing in Vang Vieng rivers. However we didn’t do it because Wouter suggested that it was completely a meat market only suitable for young horny guys and girls.

This is how tubing should look like & resting in Vang Vieng 

In our one evening in Vang Vieng, we went to famous Smiley Bar, a well known outdoor bar serving very interesting drinks made of whatever you could imagine ;) . The next day, we had to head back to Thailand already as we were both impatient to see Phi Phi island to relax a bit (more). It was a crazy day. Coming back from Vang Vieng in the morning after 16 hours bus ride, we took another bus from Bangkok to go to Phi Phi.

On the way to Phi Phi & Finally at the Long Beach! 

After all these hectic trips, it was worth to see Phi Phi though. It was literally the best beach and best sea I have ever seen. Not knowing or being prepared much, we chose Long Beach as our destination and I am happy that we did. We were staying right by the beach for a very reasonable price so we enjoyed the beach the first day.

Bamboo Island near Koh Phi Phi Don (big Koh Phi Phi) 

And in the second day, we took the snorkeling tour. Shark Point, Mosquito Island, Lunch at Bamboo Island, 

Koh Phi Phi Ley 

amazing sceneries of Koh Phi Phi Ley (where the movie The Beach was shot), the amazing Maya Beach, the day was full of breathtaking moments.
Maya Beach & Koh Phi Phi Ley 

We also enjoyed the nightlife of Phi Phi Bruno playing Fire Limbo in the Long Beach or meat feast at the Phi Phi center with unlimited BBQ Bar : 

Unlimited BBQ restaurant which Bruno fainted afterwards due to unexpected meat crisis :)

Our short trip ended back in Bangkok with sightseeing, foot message, relaxing, a bit of shopping, a lot of drinking in the last day as he had to go back to Calcutta and I was heading to my dearest friends in Singapore. 

 I found Turkish flag around Wat Po in Bangkok & Enjoying our last supper Sushi in MBK 


  1. Big Mac all the wayy! Oh now I can imagine how it is tough for cow meat lovers to survive in India, if he was so excited to eat it ouside, you could tell this by his happy face :)
    What is "famous tubing in Vang Vieng rivers" are all about? can you tell us more :) it got me intrigued!
    And at the Smiley Bar what did you had? what kind of drinks did you end up trying out :)
    Super curious Allison

  2. hahha my dearest Super curious Allison'cum,

    Tubing is you get on the small boats like in the picture and you hop from one bar to another along the river in Vang Vieng and of course in a couple of hours you get wasted. In fact it can be quite dangerous as they say there are around 20-25 tourists drown in the waters of Vang Vieng but if you are sensible enough, it is a lot of fun!

    And the drinks included some certain substances that are forbidden in many places of the world but things that you can find in the coffee shops of Holland, if you know what i mean ;) and no we didnt try that as i didnt want to get into any trouble. :)

    I am glad that you are so interested in my adventures canim!