Friday, June 8, 2012

Loving this city more & more each time : Hong Kong

- from May 17th to May 21st, 2012- 

I had seen many  cities so far and Hong Kong still remains as one of the best for me. Crowded, dense, noisy, a bit artificial though but i still like Hong Kong more and more every time I visit it. It was my third time now and thanks to the company as well, I enjoyed it even more this time.
 Famous IFC (International Finance Center) of HK & Us on the Looong Escalator 

We had some issues with the accommodation so we had to stay less than planned but still Bahariko saved our lives. In their 30 sth sq meters home, we could squeeze in their living room with one couch and a small mattress. But still all of us loved the city so much especially with the night life, Onur was seriously planning to move to Hong Kong.

Our raki night, walking tour in Lan Kwai Fong and junk boat trip helped him a lot to give this decision I guess :)

Raki Night in Singapore with supplies from Schaarbeek, Brussels 

Macau : Europe in Asia 

It was also a first for me, I visited Macau first time with HJ and Onurcan. Before I thought that, the city was famous for only gambling but I was wrong, completely wrong. Being a colony of Portugal until 1999, the small city was a resemblance of a Mediterrean town apart from the Asian people walking in the streets and Asian signs everywhere.
Are we really in Asia?  :-) 

After one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, together with the rain, we walked in Macau streets, guys getting quite wet and we found the salvation in a Macau casino (actually I won around 16 Euros with an investment of 20 Euros) . Casino was really surprising for us, apart from us, we didn’t see any single Western person gambling. The casino was full of Asians, and afterwards as we learnt from Bahar & Nico that they were most probably Chinese and there was a special quota for them that they could only visit Macau once in 3 months or 4 months.
Entrance of the Casino & My earnings of the day 

It was by far the most memorable place I had been in Asia. We felt like we were in  a European city however we were wandering around China streets reminded by the Chinese labels and Asian people everywhere.

Let's get some tan! 

Hendrik and Onur came to relax and benefit from the sun in Asia however the monsoon season was about to start almost everywhere we had been. One good exception was the junk boat trip day in Hong Kong. Thanks to the organization of Bahar and Nico with mainly Turkish friends, Hendrikcim and Onurcan could enjoy the sea and the sunshine on our last day in Hong Kong.

Bye Hong Kong! & Hi again Hong Kong! 

The evenings were OK as well apart from the last evening when we were planning to do the star ferry but had to cancel in the last minute due to the heavy rain but I guess the Peak was attractive for the enough for the guys. 
Peak of Hong Kong, just like from a science fiction movie 

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