Monday, June 11, 2012

My Grandmom.. Canim Anneannem..

I learnt the sad news just by a facebook status update from a relative. And in the first couple of seconds, I couldn’t realize that it was my grandmother. Yes it was unfortunately true that she passed away 3 days ago after staying in the hospital for a couple of days. My family didn’t tell me anything not to make me sad as I was faraway. If I knew she was in the coma, I could have simply got on the first plane and be back in Istanbul to see her for the one last time.

Was it expected? Of course not, however after my grandfather passed away in 2003, she gave up on life. She was always talking about my grandfather, she stopped eating, she lost her energy for life so maybe she was hoping for this day to be with her beloved one. .

Canim biricik pamuk anneannem benim. Senin o guzel yuzunu son bir defa goremedim, o incecik bedenini son bir defa saramadim belki ama biliyorum mutluydun aramizdan ayrilirken.. O cok sevdigin dedecigime kavustun sonunda.  Nurlar icinde yat, mekanin cennet olsun biricik anneannecigim benim. Seni cok seviyorum ve cok ama cok ozledim.

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