Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to where I started. Mumbai!

So, it really is coming to an end.
They say : "Time flies by.." but this time it flew by with the "speed of light".

I remember like yesterday, i was here in Antonio's place in Colaba, planning my trip to Hyderabad, then to Hampi, then to Bangalore and so on..

Since then, 110 days passed, i visited 7 countries, took more than 2000 pictures, met with countless people and left a great number of memories behind. I tried to keep some alive thanks to this blog but of course there were so many moments that i forgot to write or simply didn't feel like writing.

I would like to make a good summary though.
Today i am alone in Colaba at Antonio's place and i have the perfect conditions to think. Nice house, drinks, music at the background and a good amount of time. Now i am thinking and organizing my summary. Pictures, blogs, memories. It is easy to tell, difficult to explain though.

But i am happy that i am back where I started.. and where i will finish.. So only 26 hours left in India, last 26 hours of the trip. Can not still believe it. 

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