Friday, June 8, 2012

Nepal : same same but different than India..

-From May 30th to June 2nd, 2012- 

I had no clue what Kathmandu would be like but I wouldn’t guess that it would be that much alike with India. The airport, the crazy traffic with scooters, tuktuks, cars, the dusty roads, all reminded me of a mid-size city of India.

On the way to Nepal in Delhi & Our First Evening in Kathmandu 

It was an intense and a bit shocking experience in the beginning for the guys, but they could get used to it in the second day already. Onur managed to book a very good hostel right in the centre of Kathmandu, the touristical area called Thamel and thanks to my high school friend, Ozge who is working there in an GSM operator company for a year now, we could enjoy Kathmandu and the other ancient cities around.

 Bhaktapur Durbar (main) Square & Bhaktapur Pottery Square 

With the car & the driver she provided, we went to Bhakdapur (one of the 3 capitals of old Nepal along with Kathmandu and Patan) we visited Nagarkot to watch the scenery however the rain and the fog avoided that unfortunately. We were in the Monkey temple, Boudhanath Stupa temple, Pashupathinath temple where the Hindus were being cremated and the ashes were spread over the Bagmati river. This was truly a very impressive moment to watch the ceremony and the cremation.

Enjoying the Nepal sceneries from Nagarkot & Monkey Temple (Swayambhunath) in Kathmandu

Apart from that, we were happy to hang out at the roof top cafes or bars of Thamel. Drinking local beer Gorkha, enjoying fruit shakes, smoking nargile, the roof tops were a cool spot to conclude the guys’ holidays.

I really didn’t want this adventure to finish, didn’t want them to leave, especially after what I heard about my grandmom in our last day. But very unwillingly, I had to say bye to my 2 favorite road trip allies in Kathmandu on June 2nd, Saturday night. 

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