Monday, June 11, 2012

Live from Kolkata..

As i didn't want to take the bus ride from Kathmandu to Darjeeling, i decided to stay in Kathmandu for a bit longer and fly to Kolkata directly. I had friends here, had a place to sleep, that is why i decided that would be the best to do instead of travelling alone.

OK i dont want to be a spoilt kid, but it has been 3.5 months already and i think it is time for me to go home. I had a great trip, met with cool people, had reunions with my old friends, travelled a lot, learnt a lot but yes i admit i think it is time for me to go home now..

This weekend with the friends from Kolkata we went to Varanasi - my second time- i loved the city again. I guess it was a great place to finish my India trip, from now on my destinations will be Kolkata and Mumbai until my flight departs on June 20th 05:30 am from Mumbai airport.

I will write more soon about my Varanasi trip.. 

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