Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Old New Alipore..

New Alipore is where a bunch of AIESEC Interns live in Calcutta.. and it is the name of one of the most lively and fun places in the city.

My first night in New Alipore & Guys with the shirts from Thailand. 

2.5 months ago when i came to Calcutta, i stayed at this place. I met with Eduardo, Bruno, Pedro, Allison, Willian, Vivian and some Brazilians that i can not remember the names of.. By the time passed, some left, some others joined. This time the team was different but it was the same kind of fun i had 2.5 months ago. It was Badr, Pedro, Sameer, Ronami, Lucas, Sam, Vivian, Maggie, Roxanne, Daniella and Bruno this time. Most were not living in this house but it was the hub for intern meetings, great dinners, interesting discussions as usual. 

Pictures in the Elevator

This time i witnessed Pedro's farewell. He has been living in that house for more than 9 months and he left Calcutta for good last Friday so i was there for his farewell dinner. Or i witnessed Roxanne having a tattoo and i decided not to leave her alone in this important decision so i got one as well. Or i got super sick with the exhaustion of the hot weather and not eating at all but i was taken care of Jimit's mom in the very best way. So these 10 days had a lot of unforgettable moments for me..

Pedro leaving Calcutta & Roxanne getting her first tattoo (me too!)

I am so happy when i meet with such people, smart, intellectual, fun, full of life, i feel younger and also hopeful :) and New Alipore never deceives me. This time also, we got drunk, we had interesting discussions until the sunrise, we ate good food, we had fun and we were happy. 
Self-pictures in front of the computer with Thai t-shirts 

I had my doubts in the beginning but i was happy to conclude my trip in New Alipore in this way, so thank you once again guys for being my family in Calcutta and i hope to see each & everyone of you in another part of the world. Take good care until then.. 

My last night in Calcutta (Olypub) 

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